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Be sure to check out our FAQs below, as well as our YouTube channel for instructional videos and more.

How hard is it to install the RV Bidet?

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It's actually very easy. The fittings on our bidet will match the waterline and RV toilet. We provide very detailed instructions with each unit.

Does the RV Bidet have a self-cleaning nozzle?

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Yes; there are two dials on the unit. One controls the water pressure and the other is the self-cleaning controller. It takes mere seconds to clean.

What is so "special" about your fire pit?

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The Clean Camper propane fire pit is the only fire pit designed to quick- connect directly to your RV tank or to a loose propane tank. Use it with your RV or in your backyard. No extra expenses for hoses, fittings, or connectors. It's all in one!

Will the RV bidet fit every toilet?

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For the most part, yes. Cassette toilets, compost toilets, and a few Dometic models will not work. For more info see the actual product listings.

My RV toilet has a "hump" on the back. Will the bidet fit?

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Yes; the Thetford hump RV toilet works great with our RV Bidet.

need more help?

Please email our customer service department at We typically respond in minutes.

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