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Clean Camper RV Inline Water Filter

Clean Camper

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Welcome to Clean Camper, your go-to destination for premium RV water filtration! Our Clean Camper RV Inline Certified Water Filter is designed for optimal, filtered clean water, ensuring maximum convenience on your journeys.

 Key Features:

Premium Multi-Stage Filtration:

Experience unparalleled water quality with our advanced filtration system. Our RV water filter incorporates GAC Carbon filtration and KDF 85 to eliminate unpleasant tastes, odors, chlorine, and sediment. Control bacteria and mold growth during downtime, ensuring a constant supply of safe drinking water.

 Long Lasting Clean Water:

Enjoy pure, clean water for up to 90 days with our certified RV inline water filter. Our advanced layered filtration process sets the standard for long-lasting effectiveness, making it the top choice for extended adventures. 

Fast-Flow Technology:

The internal sediment filter provides fast-flow technology, effectively protecting against silt and sediment. The wide body design ensures increased water flow, delivering a clean and efficient water supply for all your RV needs.

 Versatile and Long Usage:

Exclusively made for RVs, our water filter comes with two flexible RV hose connectors. Install it in less than one minute, connecting to the campground spigot or directly into the RV inlet based on your setup and space. Experience versatility and prolonged usage tailored for your convenience.

 Certified Lead-Free - Quality Assurance:

Trust in the highest standards of water safety. Our filter is independently tested and certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI 42 for material safety, structural integrity, and aesthetic chlorine reduction. Ensure the purity of your water with our quality-assured filtration.

 American Owned and Operated:

Clean Camper, based in the Lone Star State, is owned by avid RV enthusiasts. We are dedicated to making camping easier, cleaner, and more affordable. Trust in an American-owned company for excellence and a long-lasting, reliable water filtration solution.

 Upgrade your RV experience with Clean Camper RV Inline Certified Water Filter – your passport to optimal, filtered clean water and worry-free adventures!


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