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RV Flexible Drinking Water Hose

Clean Camper

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Clean drinking water from a flexible hose!   Its finally here!  No more stiff, impossible to coil and bulky rv hoses that are too small or too long.  The Clean Camper RV Drinking Water Hose is 35' long, just the perfect size for all RV campground hook-ups.

Made from non-leaching materials, our hose is BPA, phthalate, and lead free. So drink with peace of mind.  No odors or smells.  Just clean water delivered to your RV faucets.

  • BPA Free- Phthalate Free- Lead Free

  • Solid aluminum fittings on each end

  • Can withstand 800 PSI

  • Made for long term water pressure at campgrounds

  • Easily coils and fits in tight spaces

  • Kink resistant design

  • 35' long- the perfect size 

Introducing the Clean Camper RV Drinking Water Hose - the perfect solution for safe and clean drinking water on your next camping adventure! Our hose is specifically designed for use in RVs, ensuring that you have access to pure and refreshing water at all times.

Made with high-quality materials, our drinking water hose is durable, flexible, and kink-resistant. It's also free from harmful chemicals like lead, BPA, and phthalates, ensuring that your water stays clean and safe for consumption.

Our hose features a 5/8-inch diameter, making it easy to connect to any standard RV water hookup. It also includes a patented hose saver adapter that helps prevent hose crimping and strain, extending the life of your hose.

At Clean Camper, we understand the importance of keeping your water supply clean and healthy. That's why we've designed our RV drinking water hose to be easy to clean and sanitize, so you can always feel confident in the quality of your water.

So why wait? Upgrade your RV's drinking water system with the Clean Camper RV Drinking Water Hose today and enjoy safe and refreshing water on all your camping adventures!


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